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Suitcases corner

Buschhoff item number: A 735 001 001
Material: AIMg3, 2mm
Parts dimensions: 35 x 35 x 40
Maschine size: 180 to.
Workorder: transfer, anodise

Buschhoff for RIMOWA

From vintage wood and classic aluminium to high-tech polycarbonate:

Rimowa has always sought new ways to make travelling more pleasant.

For three centuries, the philosophy has remained the same:

Travel professionals need professional travel solutions.


The luggage corners for Rimowa are formed at Buschhoff with a special transfer system.

We pay special attention to the exact fit and a flawless surface.

Usually four corners are processed on each suitcase (the wheels are at the bottom).

The corners are installed less than 500 meters from Buschhoff at Rimowa.