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Frame plate

Usage: Front latch Automotive
Material: S420, 2,0 mm
Parts dimensions: 190 x 70 x 20
Machine size: 630 t

Buschhoff for Kiekert

Kiekert AG is the technology leader in automotive locking systems.

Kiekert is the first choice of leading vehicle manufacturers all over the world and, with 6,500 employees in ten countries, is present in eight production centres, seven development centres and three sales centres.

The front latch is installed in BMW bonnets.
The frame plates for Kiekert are pressed by Buschhoff using progressive dies. Due to the very small permissible tolerances, an exact adjustment of the tools is necessary.
After all, nothing should rattle or jam in the assembled lock afterwards.
The threads are formed during the punching process. This saves us an additional work step and gives us the opportunity to carry out automated tests.
Kiekert assembles the complete latches in the world's largest plant for locking systems in the Czech Republic.